Bae Da-hae

I’ve rarely been under 50 kilograms of pear. I’ve had a fantasy of skinny constitution.

Bae Da-hae

Musical actress Bae Da-hae confessed her complex about her body.

Bae Da-hae posted a photo taken during a ballet class on her personal SNS on Jan. 13.

Bae Da-hae, who is known as 165cm, said, “I’ve rarely been under 50kg since I was born.” “I like to pretend to look skinny because I have a fantasy of a skinny constitution, but I’ve never been skinny. It was a complex because the hip was always 38 inches long, and I spent my 20s busy covering it up, and I should have loved myself more.”

As in his determination to “I want to do it that way any of it, he needs something, but yesterday ‘ (from eating too many (Netflix), drama, so today is exercise should be ‘ jeonteu”. ” (Photo=Bae Da-hae SNS)

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