Se-jeong and Se-hoon explain their relationship. We’re just having fun with Bumbanner, but they don’t contact us.


Singer and actor Sejeong mentioned her relationship with EXO Sehun.

Kim Se-jung communicated with fans through a live broadcast on Instagram on January 11.

On this day, Se-jeong read the comment, “Are you good at talking to Se-hoon?” and said, “I have rarely talked to him recently. It’s a bit sensitive to comment, so I thought about whether to say it or not. A lot of fans don’t have to worry. I admit that we are close and have good chemistry, but that won’t happen at all. He has never contacted me privately. “We had fun shooting ‘You are the culprit.'”

“There are more comments on DM (direct messages), comments, and even my parents’ Instagram than I thought. I thought about whether to mention it or not, but you don’t have to worry. So I don’t want you to say such bad things.

Meanwhile, Sehun and Sejeong appeared together in the Netflix series ‘You Are the Criminals’ series

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