Jamie, the best chemistry with Jaemin who was released on No Numbers today (15th)


Singer Jamie releases an English version of “Number” and tells Jamie’s own story.

Jamie will release his new song “No Numbers” on various domestic and foreign music sites at 6 p.m. today (15th).

“No Numbers” was released in September last year. It is an English version of “Changmo”, and it is a meaningful song that Jamie built a new nest in Warner Music Korea and announced a new start under the name Jamie.

The theme of “I will not dwell on the various numbers that judge people by the outside” was pleasantly solved in Jamie’s style, and Jamie participated in writing and composing the song himself to be valued through music as a musician.

In addition, rapper Changmo added strength to “Number” to bring out a different charm, while Hire Music’s artist JMIN (JMIN) participated in this English version to give off all-time chemistry.

Jamie is expected to clearly show Jamie’s unique and stylish charm as well as his outstanding singing ability and upgraded musical sense through his new song “No Numbers.”

Jamie, a former winner of SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season 1,” made his debut as Fiftin & (15&), left various hits based on his extraordinary musical capabilities. In 2015, Jamie’s first solo single “Hopeless Love,” “19 to 20,” “Jimin x Jamie,” “Stay Beautiful,” “Number,” “Apollo 11” and “Five Christmas” were loved by listeners.

In particular, he received favorable reviews from overseas beyond Korea and showed his ability as a talented musician. Rollingstone, an American music magazine, introduced K-pop as a game-changing artist, raising expectations for its brilliant global performance in the future.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s English version of “Number” will be released at 6 p.m. today (15th).

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