Is there any good news from Sun and Hyolyn’s penthouse? Expressing love with heart candy


Actress Min Hyo-rin released an image of a heart candy and delivered her updates in about three weeks.

On the 14th, Min Hyo-rin released a photo on her Instagram with a heart, candy, and a tongue emoticon. This is a new post uploaded by Min Hyo-rin about three weeks after the selfie released on the 22nd of last month.

The picture shows a large red heart-shaped candy. Although there are no characteristics, it is drawing many fans’ welcome as it is Min Hyo-rin’s first update in three weeks through SNS.

In addition, Min Hyo-rin’s husband, Dong Hyun-bae, the older brother of the sun, attracts attention by posting heart emoticons through comments and showing strong family love.

Meanwhile, Min Hyo-rin married Taeyang of the group Big Bang in February 2018. The two are reportedly spending their honeymoon days at a luxury penthouse in Hannam-dong, Seoul, which is currently estimated to be worth 15 billion won.

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