Jang Young-ran

Jang Young-ran’s pregnancy photo Oriental medicine doctor’s husband and Geumseul are so good.

Jang Young-ran

Jang Young-ran’s husband, Han Chang-eui, released a picture of his wife’s pregnancy, making headlines.

On the 19th, Han Hee-sa Han Chang-eun said on his Instagram, “Jiwoo 10 years ago at this time!” Our precious pretty stomach…Always the goddess of laughter #Thank you. He released a photo with the article “Because you are you.”

The released photo shows the couple about 10 years ago. It seems that she went on vacation because she was pregnant with her first child. Jang Young-ran’s cute appearance makes viewers’ hearts race.

Meanwhile, Jang Young-ran married Hanchang, an oriental medical doctor, and has one son and one daughter. Currently, he is active in various entertainment programs such as Channel A’s “My Little Old Boy Like Child Care” and TV Chosun’s “Wakanam.”

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