Jang Yoon-joo was in her 20s, who was in danger of not being able to see the process of being stamped in the bathtub and even smoking.


Model-turned-actor Jang Yoon-joo released a shocking 19 years ago photo.

Jang Yoon-joo said on her SNS on the 22nd, “That’s right. It’s a film camera. I was 23 years old,” he said, posting a photo.

“Like a movie.” When I was shooting a pictorial with a film… Looking at it now, it’s beautiful. There’s no editing. I couldn’t see the process of taking pictures. It was printed and published in a magazine,” he recalled.

“And at that time, I didn’t gain weight even if I ate. I was in my 20s, who was full of young and smart… They liked the picture I posted on my story recently. I post it on my feed.” I remembered.

The photo showed as many as 23 years old Jang Yoon-joo without any correction with a film camera.

At the time of her career as a model, Jang Yoon-joo showed off her charm with the beauty of shining on her own without any effect.

Jang Yoon-ju, who has the same sensibility as he did at that time, was immersed in emotions in clear memories even though it was decades ago.

In particular, model legend Jang Yoon-joo pulled off a pose crouching in a bathtub with nothing on, and an unconventional appearance of biting a cigarette with sensational 광주호빠

After seeing this, actor Lee Dong-hwi posted a flame emoticon, and Jang Yoon-joo drew laughter with the comment, “Do you have any complaints?”

Meanwhile, Jang Yoon-joo married designer Jung Seung-min in 2015 and has a daughter. He is planning to appear in the Korean version of Netflix’s original series “Money Heist”.

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