Chae Jung An

Chae Jung An’s japchae is so good that it’s a mukbang without hesitation

Chae Jung An

Chae Jeong-an showed a reckless japchae mukbang.

On the afternoon of the 21st, actor Chae Jung-an posted a photo through his Instagram story.

In the released photo, Chae Jeong-an is eating japchae. Showing a stormy eating show with japchae on a plate.

Chae Jeong-an is properly immersed in food as if the japchae is very delicious. It’s also cute to see him putting it in his mouth. Chae Jung-an’s youthful charm is more eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Chae Jung-an appeared in JTBC’s drama “Monthly House,” which ended in August, and is currently filming the original webtoon TVing drama “King of Pigs. He also actively runs his own YouTube channel. I’m communicating with my fans.

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