Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi’s biggest waist, Kim Sejeong, are you close to Espa? Why are you here?

Jeon Somi

Singer Jeon So-mi (20), who made a comeback, unveiled her slim waist.

Jeon Somi wrote “DUMB DUMB OUT NOW” on Instagram on the 2nd and posted a photo. Jeon Somi, dressed in cropped knitwear and jeans, is posing in front of the door. With colorful blonde hair catching the eye, Jeon Somi’s slim waistline is surprising. Jeon So-mi’s small face is like a doll.

Choi Yoo-jung (22), a colleague of I.O.I., also looked at Jeon Somi’s picture and said, “You’re a person? You’re not CG?” I was impressed by comments like that. Another I.O.I colleague, Kim Se-jung, 25, said, “You…Are you close to your Espa friends…? Why is ae here… Are you in that world, too?” quivered the comment.

Jeon Somi made a comeback in the K-pop scene with her new song “DUMB DUMB” on the 2nd.

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