Ji Yeon-soo

Ji Yeon-soo’s false broadcast reveals mass production of victims

Ji Yeon-soo

A man who recently gave a large amount of money to Ji Yeon-soo, who expressed his intention to re-start his business, claiming the pain of a “credit delinquent,” has revealed his false broadcast. An official from Ji Yeon-soo denied the allegation.

On the 10th, a complaint claiming false broadcasting and financial damage was posted on the viewer bulletin board of KBS2’s entertainment program “Capitalist School.” Ji Yeon-soo appeared on the program and claimed that she escaped from the credit delinquency by paying for her unstable life even after her divorce and her recent appearance and advertising expenses.

A said, “I helped Ji Yeon-soo a lot financially from 2009 to 2015, but I made up something that didn’t happen contrary to the truth and spoke to a specific institution, becoming a huge victim of society and family.”

A also reported that he appeared on the program once due to financial problems with him. Ji Yeon-soo was scheduled to appear on EBS’s “Blue Man” in January last year, but the broadcast was canceled, he said. “The reason was that Ji Yeon-soo, a wife of a person who was devastated by Ji Yeon-soo’s past activities and her false revelations, sent a story by phone to the broadcasting station.” After the verification process was carried out internally by the broadcaster, the broadcast portion was deleted from the cancellation and episode portion.

At the same time, A also stressed that Ji Yeon-soo has been making false broadcasts. “Ji Yeon-soo’s unidentified unilateral revelation has caused great damage to her ex-husband Eli and Eli’s parents,” he said. “Ji Yeon-soo is making another victim to cry and get attention so that viewers, including credit delinquents and mask factory workers, can sympathize with her every time.”

A said, “If KBS, a public broadcaster, broadcasts without verification of the cast, there could be another victim, a new victim,” adding, “We ask for a wise review, such as verification of past activities and confirmation procedures for current progress.”

Ji Yeon-soo is known to be filing a legal lawsuit against A due to the gold issue. A delivered a large amount of money to Ji Yeon-soo from 2009 to 2015, which led to Ji Yeon-soo’s lawsuit. Around January last year, when Ji Yeon-soo’s appearance on the show was canceled, the divorce process with her ex-husband Eli was not completed.

An official from Jiyeon-soo said, “We are currently in a legal dispute with A, and we are also waiting for a legal judgment,” adding, “The monetary issue is a matter that will be covered by legal judgment because Jiyeon-soo and A’s positions are sharply different.”

Regarding the claim that Ji Yeon-soo made a false broadcast, he stressed, “It is only A’s one-sided claim, and he will be judged legally in relation to it.”

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