Kim Woori Yves calligraphy paper fashion I don’t know what it means


Kim Woo-ri, fashion director of the drama “Eve,” spoke significantly about the fashion of actors Yoo Seon and Seo Ye-ji.

Kim Woo-ri said on her Instagram on the 9th, “What do you think about the drama ‘Yves’? You’re watching, right? Our actress Yoo Seon, who meets the best life character and shows her acting skills every week as a hardcover,” and revealed her recent status with actress Yoo Seon.

In the meantime, I, the fashion director of DeMara, also enjoy watching Han Sora’s fashion in the drama, he said. “I’m getting a lot of calls from here and there.”

But Kim Woo-ri said, “Shh! I don’t know much about Lael’s fashion. Just pretend you don’t know itLOL,” he said, adding an explanation of the character Rael played by actor Seo Ye-ji.

Kim Woo-ri also expressed his gratitude, saying, “I was able to focus more on acting because you dressed me in pretty and cool clothes throughout the shoot,” adding, “Our cool and nice actor Yoo Sun-soo bought meat for our style team today.”

Finally, Kim Woo-ri said, “I think this is when a relationship that gives strength to each other every time we meet is what happens. Actor Yoo Seon, don’t worry about the clothes you wear in any drama. Hermes and Chanel, and I’ll dress you the best.”

Internet users who saw this responded, “It’s meaningful,” “I only see Yoo Seon,” “You two are like this,” and “It’s so nice to see.”

Yoo Sun, meanwhile, plays the villain Han Sora in the tvN drama “Eve,” which is currently airing

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