Jin Jae-young

Jin Jae-young is picking tangerines in the morning. Let’s meet again next year.

Jin Jae-young

Jin Jae-young shared his daily life in Jeju.

Actor Jin Jae-young posted a photo on his Instagram on the 21st with a message saying, “Sad. Let’s meet again next year on the day we pick tangerines from the morning, and let’s meet again next year.”

The released photo shows a huge number of tangerine boxes piled up one by one. Jin Jae-young, who seems to have already finished picking tangerines, said, “Let’s meet again next year.” Earlier, Jin Jae-young took a picture of the juicy tangerine juice with the background of the tangerine tree on his SNS and impressed the viewers.

Meanwhile, he married a professional golfer who is four years younger than him in 2010 and has been living in Jeju Island, and has been taking a break from his work since his appearance in “My Sweet City” in 2008.

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