Seo In-young

Seo In-young, did you have such a good proportion? Fashion sense that I want to learn.

Seo In-young

Seo In-young, a former member of the group Jewelry, showed off her innocent visuals.

On the 21st, Seo In-young posted a full-length photo on her Instagram account. Seo In-young left a note emoticon with a photo.

In the photo, Seo In-young matched denim with a turtleneck to create a comfortable look. On top of that, check coats and beige masks match the tone and show off their unique fashion sense. Seo In-young boasts a small face and long legs. Seo In-young’s beauty has risen after growing her hair.

Meanwhile, Seo In-young made her debut as a member of the group Jewelry in 2002 and recently appeared on SBS Plus’ “Me On Trot.”

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