Jin Tae-hyun

‘Jin Tae-hyun’ Park Si-eun, New Year begins with prayer…”Please protect my daughter who went to heaven”

Jin Tae-hyun

Actor Jin Tae-hyun started the first day of the new year with a prayer for his family.

On the 1st, Jin Tae-hyun wrote a long prayer on his Instagram with a photo taken with his wife, actor Park Si-eun.

First of all, Jin Tae-hyun began to pray for his neighbors, saying, “Please let me look back on my neighbors, not me this year.” “I pray for my family. Please bless my wife with joy of love and hope. I pray for my first child. “Now I’m thinking about getting a job and the future, but please don’t forget that the first is God’s father,” he continued to pray for his family.
Tae-hyun also said, “Lastly, Tae-eun in heaven.” Please protect me 10,000 times, love me, and hug me. “I can do that kind of request, so please protect my son’s daughter’s father,” he said, adding a prayer for his daughter who left for heaven first.

Meanwhile,  Tae-hyun married actor Park Si-eun in 2015 and has a daughter she adopted. Earlier this year, he reported the pregnancy, but in August, he reported the news of stillbirth with 20 days left before giving birth, causing regret.

JIN TAEHYUN’s profile
Jin Tae Hyun’s real name is Kim Tae Hyun. Born in Seoul on February 15, 1981, he is 43 years old
Jin Tae-hyun is 177cm tall and weighs 66kg blood type O. My family is actor Park Si-eun, who is my parents and wife, and I have a daughter, Park Davida, and a child who will be born soon
JIN TAEHYUN was born in 2001 at MBC’s 30th open recruitment

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