Junhee Kim

Junhee Kim says that our groom is so pretty

Junhee Kim

Kim Joon-hee has released a slim but voluminous selfie, drawing attention.

On the 21st, Kim Joon-hee, a broadcaster, said on his Instagram, “My favorite color while filming this time. My groom says I’m so pretty. “Our best man who likes beige,” he posted a photo showing his recent status.

In the photo released, Kim Jun-hee poses indoors in a beige T-shirt and comfortable-looking cotton pants. Kim Joon-hee showed off his slim S-line body, which impressed fans. 파워볼사이트

Kim Jun-hee made her debut with her first album in 1994 and married a younger non-celebrity man in May. Kim Joon-hee’s husband runs a shopping mall with Kim Joon-hee. 

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