the efficacy of cherry tomatoes


Tomatoes are loved as healthy vegetables full of antioxidants. But do you know cherry tomatoes are more nutritious than big tomatoes? Cherry tomatoes, which are delicious, easy to eat at a bite, and full of nutrition, are perfect for health care in spring 방울토마토

Cherry tomatoes have the most citric acid in them. Citric acid also plays a role in breaking down fat and lactic acid to generate energy, relieving fatigue and improving appetite. It also increases the absorption rate of minerals that are difficult to absorb in the body.

Cherry tomatoes contain more than 2.5 times more than regular tomatoes, “Lycopene,” a component that comes to mind when you think of tomatoes. Lycopene, a red pigment, is a type of carotenoids, which are characterized by strong antioxidant power that removes active oxygen. Among them, Lycopene is known to have an antioxidant power of twice as much as beta-carotene and 100 times more than vitamin E. Therefore, it is effective in preventing skin aging such as freckles and wrinkles.

Vitamins and minerals also contain more amounts of cherry tomatoes than regular tomatoes. It contains various minerals such as potassium to prevent edema and high blood pressure, calcium and magnesium to prevent osteoporosis, iron and molybdenum to prevent anemia, and it is also rich in vitamins A, B, and vitamin C, which can be expected to promote metabolism of major nutrients.

Cherry tomatoes are often eaten raw, but they are also good to eat cooked. This is because cherry tomatoes’ lycopene is strong in heat and is not easily destroyed even when heated, and because it is oily, cooking with oil increases absorption rate.

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