Kim Bu-sun

Kim Bu-sun Nancy Lang and a rude apple

Kim Bu-sun

On the 4th, Kim Boo-sun posted a video titled “I’m sorry Nancy Lang” on her YouTube channel “Kim Boo-sun TV.”

In the video, Kim Bu-sun said, “I apologize to everyone. He made an inappropriate remark. I said to Nancy Lang, “So I’ll live right,” and I said, “Oops.” I wanted to edit it, but I didn’t know how to do it and expressed my feelings without filtering,” he bowed.

“To make an excuse, I lost my mind when I saw my daughter crying on the air. I shouldn’t have asked you to appear. “I wouldn’t have recommended it if it was with Nancy Lang,” he said.

He said, “I’m an actor and I want to do a drama or a movie. I was forced to suffer a disadvantage because my mother was ugly. He added, “I sent it because I had to do something difficult to succeed in the entertainment industry, but Nancy Lang kept getting caught watching the broadcast.”

Channel A entertainment program “Penthouse,” which aired earlier on the 2nd, showed a confrontation between Iruan and Nancy Lang. In the broadcast, Nancy Lang told Iruan, “I thought I would say hello when I first met her, but she just sat down. I’m a long time older,” he pointed out.

In response, Yi Ruan said, “Doesn’t the speed of approaching each person may be different? I feel like I’m being bullied for not approaching. I couldn’t stand betraying people and lying, so I lived away for four years,” he explained and shed tears.

After the scene was aired, Kim Bu-sun criticized Nancy Lang on her Facebook and YouTube, saying, “Nancy Lang excrete her personal feelings to my daughter to make her sick.”

He added, “Those who are young should greet first and treat their superiors not unconditionally. Even though he is young, his personality is the same personality. “But I made my daughter cry with this little thing,” she said. “I’m ashamed to be the same old woman. Nancy Lang, watch your language. What’s your damn thing. That’s why you’re being beaten up, you X,” he said with a curse.

As the controversy grew, Kim Bu-sun eventually apologized to Nancy Lang a day later. “I’m sorry, Mr. Nancy Lang,” he concluded. That was inappropriate. ‘So live right’ is a word I really hate. To make an excuse, the stem turns as a mother. He spoke harshly. I’m sorry,” he said.

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