Hyunbin, Son Yejin, 2nd year of the tiger, mother-to-be Through The Pretty Princess


Actress Son Ye-jin expressed the warm heart of her mother-to-be.

Actor Lee Jung-hyun recently posted several photos of his daughter’s 100 Days in person through his Instagram

Lee Jung-hyun showed off his golden hands by completing a self-made 100 day table from homemade cakes to colorful flower decorations. On top of that, he expressed his pride, saying, “I went to the flower market for the first time in a long time and set it up myself without renting it.”

Son Ye-jin, who saw this, showed off her friendship by leaving a comment saying, “Happy 100th day, pretty princess.” Earlier, Lee Jung-hyun made a special friendship guess as Son Ye-jin drew attention by commenting on a post containing the news of her pregnancy, saying, “My blessing and my friend born in the year of the tiger.”

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actress Hyun Bin in March and is currently pregnant

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