Kim Jin-ho

Kim Jin-ho said, “Performing to high school seniors for 8 years…I hope the music will cheer you up.

Kim Jin-ho

KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs” Kim Jin-ho has been delivering the power of music for eight years to high school seniors who are about to become adults.

The 598th episode of “Immortal Songs,” which will air on the 18th, will air the second part of the “Artist YB” special. In this broadcast, Kim Jin-ho, Kang Seung-yoon, UV, Espero, and Kim Chang-yeon will participate in “Singing YB’s representative masterpiece.”

When asked about his recent status in the talk waiting room, Kim Jin-ho said, “I’ve been to a high school graduation performance, and I’ve been giving graduation performances to my high school seniors for about eight years with no guarantee,” adding, “I think it’ll be meaningful when my friends listen to music and grow up with seeds that move their hearts. Music is not comforting.”

In particular, Kim Jinho, who had received love calls for “Immortal Songs” several times but had refused, decided to appear at once when he heard that the feature was on YB. Kim Jinho said, “The first song I sang at the high school festival was Love Two,” drawing attention by confessing how YB influenced his music life.

On stage, Kim Jin-ho drew admiration by playing YB’s “White Whale” with his own voice and emotion. Kim Ki-tae, who watched this stage, said, “I’ve always admired Kim Jin-ho’s beliefs and ideas, but seeing him sing makes me reflect on myself and I think I need to go back to my original intention.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jin-ho, who was talking in the waiting room, praised Lee Chan-won several times, saying, “Nice! You’re good,” and Lee Chan-won said, “I was praised,” which is said to have created a warm atmosphere.

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