Behind-the-scene stories about Lee Sun Bin’s colorful charms in LA


The agency Initial Entertainment released a behind-the-scenes cut of a pictorial with Lee Sun-bin and the magazine “Dazed” on the 14th.

Lee Sun-bin, who boasts innocent charm in the released photo, catches the eye. Lee Sun-bin’s pure aura, reminiscent of a young girl in a fresh atmosphere full of green trees and grass, makes you unable to take your eyes off her as if to announce a warm spring.

The ensuing cut shows Lee Sun-bin, who pulled off denim styling. The refreshing denim look and fascinating makeup create a perfect harmony, giving off Lee Sun-bin’s unique charm. On top of that, Lee Sun-bin’s appearance with sunglasses as a point attracts attention by feeling a different atmosphere.

Finally, the chic and elegant appearance of Lee Sun-bin, which is contrary to the previous behind-the-scenes cut, is also noticeable. The space with a drowsy afternoon atmosphere and Lee Sun-bin’s unique attractive atmosphere create admiration.

The behind-the-scenes image of the pictorial, which was set in LA, USA, contained the warm atmosphere of midday and Lee Sun-bin’s colorful mood. Lee Sun-bin’s appearance, which came up like sunlight and announced the spring that he had been waiting for, stimulates viewers’ excitement.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-bin will continue his active activities by confirming his appearance in the movie “Sumbi Sori,” which tells the story of a haenyeo and her family in Jeju Island.

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