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Use a curling iron to beat me Hwang Bo-hak a joke an unbearable lightness

Hwang Bo

While “school violence” has recently emerged as a serious social issue, Hwang Bo, a broadcaster from the group Chakra, and comedian Yoon Sung-ho have caused bitterness with their light words and actions related to “school violence.”

Hwangbo appeared on the YouTube channel “Wake Up” and talked about various things with Yoon Sung-ho.

In this video, Yoon Sung-ho made the scene laugh by saying that Hwangbo usually calculates money neatly. Hwang Bo, embarrassed, hit Yoon Sung-ho hard on the arm, and after a while, Yoon Sung-ho shouted, “It hurts.”

Yoon Sung-ho asked Hwang Bo if he had seen the hit film “The Glory” about school violence. Hwangbo replied that he watched “The Glory,” and immediately asked with a straight face, “Do you want me to use a curling iron?” Surprised, Yoon Sung-ho shook his head and laughed, and asked back, “Have you ever had an earthquake when you were in school?”

Hwangbo smiled and waved his hand, saying, “It’s just my image.” When asked, “Have you ever hit your children?” he repeatedly denied it, saying, “It’s just an image.” Furthermore, when asked, “Have you ever assaulted a student?” he said, “No.” I really don’t have any,” he stressed.

“I paid back the next day even if I borrowed women’s products. “I recently hit my brother,” he said, reiterating that it is far from “school violence.”

On this day, Hwangbo and Yoon Sung-ho made viewers frown by lightly asking questions with rather serious contents such as “Do you want me to use a curling iron?” “Have you ever used a curling iron?” and “Have you hit your kids?”

It is a joke to be funny, but it is necessary to point out whether the controversy over the “school violence” that erupted one after another in the entertainment industry was such a light conversation in an atmosphere that spread throughout society. It is regrettable that it was rash as a veteran broadcaster to at least laugh and consume a situation that could be someone’s past or present pain.

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