Kim Jung-min

Kim Jung-min’s body profile who was falsely accused of a flower snake, shows off his dizzying body shape, over a five-year hiatus

Kim Jung-min

Broadcaster Kim Jung-min, who was cleared of the “flower snake controversy,” showed off his hot body.

Kim Jung-min released several body profiles on the 21st and expressed his feelings about his return. He said, “On a day when I worked on the cozy feeling of #Barf, the sun didn’t go well, it was different from my original intention, but at that moment, they took a good picture. It’s my favorite cut,” he left a message 강남풀싸롱

In the photo, he was seen taking a body profile shot wearing light up-style hair, white bra top, and leggings. I was amazed by his solid abs and lean waistline.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-min suffered from a lawsuit with his ex-boyfriend and the resulting “flower snake controversy,” but was cleared of false accusations, and recently appeared on MBN’s “Spread World” and confessed that he suffered from life difficulties after the scandal. Kim Jung-min is currently communicating with fans through his personal YouTube channel

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