Seo Hee-won

Seo Hee-won’s ex-husband touched my Maginot Line heralding a mud fight

Seo Hee-won

Seo Hee-won’s mother, Koo Jun-yeop’s wife, expressed anger at her former son-in-law Wang So-bi in an interview with local media in Taiwan.

On the 21st, Taiwan’s Mirror Weekly reported that the unpaid EX amounted to T$5 million (about KRW216 million) as Seo Hee-won’s ex-husband Wang So-so (Wang Xiaofei), had not paid the living expenses promised in the divorce agreement since March, and Seo Hee-won’s mother said in an interview with local media, “Wasn’t it a condition for them to divorce?”

Seo Hee-won’s mother said that Jang-ran, Seo Hee-won’s former mother, insulted Seo Hee-won’s family by phone, adding, “I cursed my family for 30 minutes with a voice message on the messenger.” “I, Hee-won, and Hee-je,” he revealed. He added, “It’s not a big deal, but it was a personal attack.” “Children are not objects,” said Seo Hee-won’s mother, who said Wang is demanding that the two children be sent back to Beijing. He added, “The children are already grown up, so they must have their own thoughts.”

Wang So-bi publicly criticized Seo Hee-won’s family by posting an article on her Weibo account on the afternoon of the 21st, after the interview of Seo Hee-won’s mother was released. Wang So-bi said to her former mother-in-law, “I think your family has saved enough face, and do you want me to tell you about your family’s disgusting things?” and added, “You may be able to spread rumors, but rumors about me and my child are not allowed.” I really want to bring the children. I will go tomorrow,” he threatened.

Since then, Wang So-bi has publicly mentioned Seo Hee-won’s mother and Seo Hee-je, Seo Hee-won’s younger brother, through Weibo, raising the intensity of criticism. In particular, Seo Hee-je, a famous broadcaster, revealed that he had been illegally prescribed Zolpidem for a long time by stealing other people’s identity, signaling a mud fight. Wang So-bi said, “Did you curse at me for not paying child support?” and added, “You touched my Maginot Line.” “I’m going tomorrow, so don’t do anything,” he warned again warned.

In response, Seo Hee-won released a letter on her Instagram in the afternoon of the 21st. Seo Hee-won said, “I have never hurt Wang So-bi physically or mentally since I first met her. I also deeply respect Wang So-bi’s father and Mrs. Jang-ran (Wang So-bi’s mother),” he added, adding that after taking the rhyme, all relationships broke up nicely.

I’ll continue to divorce and never speak ill of you Seo Hee-won, who said she promised, stressed that the child’s custody is joint parenting, not alone, but added that the mediation letter, which is legally effective, was agreed by both she and Wang So-bi.

Seo Hee-won said, “I’m looking forward to seeing my father tomorrow at last,” adding, “I hope it won’t be a situation where Wang So-bi can’t block me and warn him to refrain from emotional words.” He then apologized for causing concern to the public over personal matters 부산홈타이

Seo Hee-won and Wang So-bi got married at a high speed in 2011 49 days after they met, drawing attention. However, he divorced in November last year after 10 years. He had one daughter and one son under his command.

In February, Seo Hee-won reunited with Koo Jun-yeop, a long-time lover, and registered his marriage, and made it official in March.

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