Kim Kwang-hyun

Kim Kwang-hyun, the manager of the 64th ball replacement or the manager’s distrust when he only lost one point.

Kim Kwang-hyun

Kim Kwang-hyun, 33, of the St. Louis Cardinals, was replaced in 64 pitches even after throwing well with one run in four innings. It is hard to tell whether this is management baseball or the manager’s distrust.

Kim Kwang-hyun started the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2021 Major League Baseball at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 30th (Korea time), and pitched three hits, one walk, and one strikeout in four innings.

He only gave up one walk until the third inning, but threw a no-heater pitch. He was on the verge of full base with three consecutive hits from the start of the fourth inning, but he allowed Yoshitomo Tsutsugo a point with a sacrifice fly. Until the fourth inning, 64 pitches were appropriate.

However, Matt Carpenter entered the batter’s box in the fifth inning with Kim Kwang-hyun at bat. It was a 1-1 tie, but there was no runner, and the score was not very urgent. As a result, the replacement was successful. After Carpenter got a walk, Tommy Edman’s two-run home run went off 3-1.

In a good sense, it is a management dimension. St. Louis manager Mike S. Schilt said before the game, “There is a scheduled pitch for Kim Kwang-hyun. It did not specify the number, but hinted at management. Kim Kwang-hyun, who was on the injured list earlier this month due to an elbow sprain, had a two-week recovery period.

In the game against the Detroit Tigers on the 25th, when he was returning to the big league, Kim threw 46 pitches in 2이닝 innings with salvation. He took a four-day break and started the day. It wasn’t completely built up as a starter.

However, S.H.L.T. left room for Kim Kwang-hyun’s efficient pitching to overcome his scheduled pitching. He threw well until the third inning, but his third consecutive hits in the fourth inning seem to have made S.H.I.E.L.T. nervous.

Kim Kwang-hyun did not only replace one run with less than 70 pitches that day. He was also replaced early against the New York Mets on May 6 (one run in four innings, 66 pitches) and the Atlanta Braves on June 21 (one run and 47 pitches in four innings) 토토사이트

However, there was a justification that additional points were needed in all two games with seven double headers. Although there is a justification for injury management this time, it was an undesirable decision for Kim Kwang-hyun, who has to increase his value ahead of the FA.

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