Why replacement? Pitcher throwing water bottles. Angry spectators also call for the coach’s dismissal.


The starting pitcher, who had thrown one run until the sixth inning, threw only 74 runs and went down. The pitcher, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the manager’s replacement sign, threw a bottle of water at the dugout the moment he was overturned. Angry at the failure to replace the pitcher, the home crowd all shouted “firing the manager.” It was a day that showed the miserable status of the New York Mets.

The Mets suffered a two-to-three home loss to the San Francisco Giants on the 26th (Korea time). The early steel plate of starter Tai Juan Walker (29) was the start of the seventh inning with a 2-1 lead.

Walker, who allowed one hit, one walk, three strikeouts, and one run until the sixth inning, drove Chris Bryant to third base in the seventh inning, but was on the verge of first and second base due to a hit that was missed by Alex Dickerson due to a pitch error by Alex Dickerson. It was a hit that the second baseman could catch, but right fielder Michael Conphoto tried too hard to catch and missed it.

Here, Mets manager Luis Rojas (40) came to the mound from the dugout. Then, he sent a sign to replace the pitcher. Walker has 74 pitches. It was enough to drag, and both runners were sent out because of defensive mistakes. It was difficult to see due to the timing of the replacement. Panicked Walker expressed his dissatisfaction with his arms wide open on the mound. As he went down the mound, he looked back and frowned.

Rojas’ winning move failed in just one pitch. Left-handed batter Brandon Crawford put left-handed Aaron Loop into the batter’s box, but he hit a two-run double on the first pitch. A quick turnaround of two to three, Walker threw a bottle of water at the dugout and couldn’t hide his anger.

At that moment, a shout of “Fire Rojas” rang out from the Cityfield stands. The Mets Home crowd, famous for their extreme hit, chanted Rojas’ dismissal. The Mets, which fell to 6-17 in August with a winning rate of .261, fell from the top of the National League East to third place. The wild card also lags behind the second-ranked Cincinnati Reds by seven games, leaving autumn baseball far behind. Rojas’ mercenary skills are also under fire. Rojas, whose two-year contract expires at the end of this season, is also in danger.

“Fans can say anything,” Rojas said in an interview after the game. “We have a passionate fan base,” he said. “It’s okay. This is also part of baseball. Enthusiastic fans are part of New York baseball. “I have nothing else to say.”

“Cropord is the best hitter in San Francisco. “We had one of the best left-handed pitchers in the league,” he said. In fact, the loop was very strong with a left-handed batter and a .169 batting average this season. But of all things Crawford hit the ball. It was also the first long hit of the season to be hit by a left-handed batter 안전공원

It was a record-breaking replacement for a pitcher, but the result was too bad. Fans were more angry than ever because he was coach Rojas, even though his position was narrow due to recent poor performance. Walker was also “very surprised” about the replacement after the match. “I was still very confident in my ball,” he said.

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