Kim Sung-eun

Kim Sung-eun of My Way will be on “Show Me The Money” next year.

Kim Sung-eun

Actress Kim Sung-eun expressed her feelings about appearing on TV Chosun’s “Miss Trot 2.”

In TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary My Way,” which aired on February 21, Noh Hee-ji, who gained huge popularity as a “little chef,” was seen meeting Noh Hyung-wook and Kim Eun-eun, who acted as child actors.

On this day, Noh Hee-ji asked Kim Sung-eun, “Why didn’t you see her singing in ‘Miss Trot 2?’ and Kim Sung-eun said, “She was edited out.” There are so many good singers. Elementary school students are also incredibly good at singing. That’s why I’ve been enjoying my ears. “I thought I would be nervous, but that’s not the case, so I had a great time on stage and came down.”

“Next year, I will be on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money.’ “I want to experience all the auditions,” he added.

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