Queen Essie, why don’t you hide your chest hair?


Body hair activist Ester Calix-Bea, 24, has been featured on the cover of Britain’s January issue of Glamour.

“I’m so happy to share the first cover,” he said, posting a glam cover on Instagram. “I remember being born as a young girl and dreaming of this moment.”

Queen Essie told CTV News she was “delighted and excited” about the Glamour cover. “I started growing my chest hair when I was 11 years old.

“I realized that I was different from other people because I was very, very hairy compared to other girls,” he said. “I was struggling with that. “I always hid it in high school and college.

Years of anxiety began to affect Queen Essie’s mental health, which led to a “dark moment” in which he learned he had to work on his own to embrace his own fur. Queen Essie practiced “not learning evil thoughts” that made her body hair feel like it was something that was not feminine and should be hidden or removed.

He spent a lot of money on hair removal and did not go to the swimming pool. One day, he realized that beauty was defined differently by time and exposed his fur. In May 2020, when his body began to react negatively to hair removal, he decided to stop shaving.

Since then, she has not removed any hair from her body. “As a woman, it’s not normal to have hair on your body, so I felt it was important to question yourself,” he said. “It’s bigger than me now and it’s inspiring people all over the world, and I can’t go back now.”

He embarked on a personal and artistic mission to normalize body hair and redefine femininity through painting and lavender projects.

Queen Essie shares her love journey through the YouTube channel “Queen Ishi’s Furry Woman’s Diary” and gives advice to others who may have a hard time. Now, only women with body hair appear in his work, helping to normalize this once “bold” expression of beauty.

“What’s really important to me is to show that even the fur of the body can still look beautiful and beautiful,” he said.

Queen Essie has more than 30,000 Instagram followers. Many women are saying, “Thank you for giving me courage.”

Attention is focusing on whether the “Embracing Body Hair” movement triggered by Queen Essie will gain social consensus.

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