Miss Trot

Miss Trot 2 Kang Hye-yeon is out. She’s hurt a lot.

Miss Trot

Singer Kang Hye-yeon, who ranked eighth in the final ranking of the TV Chosun entertainment show “Miss Trot 2” on the 19th, expressed her feelings in a lengthy article on her Instagram.

On this day, Kang Hye-yeon said, “Finally, the semi-final stage ended,” adding, “There were so many good things, sad things, upsetting things, and hurtful times before the last stage.”

“What I was able to endure was that I was able to cheer up and come here well because there were many colleagues and fans who were trying together,” he said. “The fans voted a lot, pressed a lot of hearts, and cheered for the comments.”

Kang Hye-yeon said, “I’m so sad that I couldn’t repay your support,” but added, “I’ll try my best to show you a better and better performance.” Stay healthy and always be happy with a smiling face.

In “Miss Trot 2,” seven finalists were chosen. First place star Sarang, second place Kim Tae-yeon, third place Kim Eui-young, fourth place Hong Ji-yoon, fifth place Yang Ji-eun, sixth place Kim Da-hyun, seventh Eun Ga-eun, eighth Kang Hye-yeon, ninth place Hwang Woo-rim, 10th Kim Yeon-ji, 11th Heo Chan-mi, 12th place Maria, 13th place Yoon Tae-hwa, and 14th place Ryu Won-jung. In other words, only Eun Ga-eun, who ranked seventh, passed the exam.

The voting methods for ‘Miss Trot 2’ are as follows. Official voting for smartphones is underway to vote for the public to select “my own trot empress” through the mobile app. It is a method of voting once a day and seven votes per person will be actively reflected in the final score.

This is Kang Hye-yeon’s specialization in how she feels about being eliminated.

Hello, I’m Kang Hyeyeon.

Finally, my performance ended today’s semi-final stage.

While preparing for “Miss Trot,” there were a lot of good things, sad things, sad things, sad things, and sad things. I wanted to give up after being hurt.

But I was able to endure because of my colleagues and many fans who supported me, I was able to cheer up and come here well.

A lot of fans voted for me, pressed a lot of hearts, and cheered me on in the comments. I’m so sad that I didn’t repay your support. But as a singer Kang Hyeyeon, I’ll do my best to improve myself and show you better performances.

Everyone, stay healthy and always be happy with a smiling face. #MissTrot2 #Kang Hyeyeon #Trot Squirrel #PpongGa.

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