Klaytn Kershaw the first starter of the Texas Rangers next year


Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers) is expected to be the first starter for the Texas Rangers in 2022.

Sports Illustrated (SI), a U.S. sports magazine, recently put Kershaw as the first starter, predicting 13 pitchers to be included in the opening entry of Texas in 2022.

SI pointed out that Kershaw said, “I want to spend more time with my family,” and claimed that Texas will recruit Kershaw, who will become a free agent this off-season.

The media expected Texas to present “big money” to Kershaw for a three-year contract period.

Texas will want Kershaw to be a “role model” for young pitchers, the media stressed.

SI argued that several teams will compete to recruit Kershaw during the off-season, but Texas will be relatively generous because the family lives in Texas.

Kershaw started 18 games this season and scored an average ERA of 3.39.

Korean Danny Dunning was selected as the second starter. He gave a high score for consistency.

Spencer Howard was selected as the third starter.

Taylor Heon, who has recently been pitching well, expected to take the fourth starting position.

Kohei Arihara, a Japanese, is expected to be the fifth starter.

Long Liliber is expected to be handled by Colby Ard.

Alexi and Otto, who are coming up from the minor leagues and pitching well, are expected to wait in the minor league Triple-A for now.

The middle pitchers were expected to include Josh Svots, John King, Dennis Santana and Demarcus Evans.

The setup man predicted that Brett Martin and Spencer Pattern would take charge.

Joe Barlow was expected to be in charge of the finishing pitcher.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun-jong was not included in any of the positions of long relief, mid-term pitching, setup man, or finishing, let alone starting. In fact, it is classified outside of power.

Yang Hyun-jong served as a starter, long relief, and middle pitcher in and out of the Major League and Minor League this season, but all of them are considered to have failed 토토추천

In the end, he is likely to return to KBO, realizing only the high walls of the Major League.

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