The 3000K great pitcher has only one record of humiliation


Entering the Hall of Fame is virtually confirmed. Max Scherzer (37, Los Angeles Dodgers), a “great pitcher” who shines three times in the Cy Young Award, who achieved 3,000 strikeouts in his career. But he has a shocking record this season, so it’s a batting average.

Scherzer is one of the best active pitchers representing Major League Baseball. Scherzer started 27 games this season and is performing his best with 14 wins, 4 losses and a 2.17 ERA. In particular, after moving to the LA Dodgers through a trade in July, he has recorded six wins, no losses, and a 0.88 ERA in eight games.

Scherzer also proved his presence by pitching hard with one hit, four walks, nine strikeouts and no runs in eight innings against San Diego on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). He pitched perfectly up to one out in the eighth inning. Although the dream perfect game was canceled, it set a different milestone. Scherzer, who had 2,994 strikeouts in his career before the game, eventually achieved a feat of 3,000 strikeouts in his career in the fifth inning. It was the 19th milestone in Major League history.

He has only one humiliating record this season, which is his batting average. Scherzer has been at-bat 52 times in 25 games this season, but failed to pick up not only one hit but also a walk. He struck out with a batting average of 0.000.23 times, and in the meantime, he scored one RBI with a sacrifice fly. Naturally, both on-base percentage and slugging percentage are 0.000.

In fact, even if Scherzer is a pitcher, his batting is not terrible. In Major League Baseball, he had a career batting average of 0.171 (78 hits in 457 at-bats) and 30 RBIs and 31 runs, and he also hit one home run (2017). His career on-base percentage was 0.197 and OPS was 0.387. Scherzer marked a batting average of 0.182 (10 hits in 55 at-bats), two RBIs, two runs and two steals, and 27 strikeouts in 28 games, respectively.

However, Scherzer also had no chance to play as a batter last year as the designated hitter (DH) system was adopted in both leagues due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic. In the end, the one-year absence as a batter seems to be affecting until this season. Of course, Scherzer is already performing more overwhelmingly than that even if he fails to hit. Will Scherzer be able to hit in the rest of the season? Or will he end the season with a batting average of 0.000.

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