Ryu Hyun-jin is the best Last year the top three Cy Young Award players in the two major leagues fell together


Ryu Hyun-jin of the Toronto Blue Jays, who finished third in the American League Cy Young Award last year, is spending September with a four-point ERA for the first time since his debut this year.

Coincidentally, the six pitchers who reached the Cy Young Award podium in the two major leagues last year are having the hardest season in their careers this season. Some players ended the season early on charges of injury, sluggishness, surgery, and even sexual assault. Ryu Hyun-jin is doing the best among the six.

Last year’s American League Cy Young Award was unanimously won by Shane Bieber (Clibland). Kenta Maeda (Minesota) came in second, while Ryu Hyun-jin came in third. Trevor Bauer (then Cincinnati) won the National League Cy Young Award, Darvish Yu (then Chicago Cubs) came in second and Jacob deGrom (New York Mets) came in third.

As of the 14th (Korea Standard Time), there are only two players in the Major League active roster, Ryu Hyun-jin and Darvish (San Diego). In a year, many changes have been made to Cy Young Finals.

No matter how good you are, it’s useless if you can’t throw it due to injury. Bieber, who unanimously won the Cy Young Award last year, is currently on the injured list due to a right shoulder shoulder shoulder shoulder shoulder injury. He was on the injured list on mid-June 10, and at the end of July, his status was changed to the injured list on July 60. Rehabilitation recovery was slow. Beaver will play a rehabilitation game in the minor leagues on the 15th. If he is in good shape, he is expected to return in three months.

Bieber, who had a 1.63 ERA last year, has 7 wins, 4 losses and a 3.28 ERA in 14 games (9003 innings) this season.

DeGrom, who lost two consecutive National League Cy Young Awards between 2018 and 2019, is also on the injured list on the 60th. DeGrom showed overwhelming pitching in the first half. He recorded 7 wins, 2 losses, and a 1.08 ERA in 15 games and struck out 146 by throwing 92 innings.

He boasted the best pitch of his career, but it was Hosadama. He suffered an elbow injury at the end of the first half and is still rehabilitating. New York media said, “DeGrom threw the ball at a distance of 90 feet (about 27 meters) on the 13th. This week, we are scheduled to throw the ball on the mound for the first time since the injury, he said.

Maeda struggled from the opening game and had a bad start with a six-point ERA in April. He rested for about three weeks due to an internal muscle injury in May, and was on the injured list again due to a right arm injury at the end of August. Eventually, on the 2nd, he underwent surgery to join his right elbow ligament and was out of the season 파워볼사이트 

Fortunately, the rehabilitation period is expected to be shortened using new medical technology. It is expected to return around the middle of next year. Maeda finished with 6 wins, 5 losses and a 4.66 ERA in 21 games this season.

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