LCK civil war became possible in the final round The semi-final match for “Knockout Stage”


With the match between Gen.G and C9 on the 25th (Korea Standard Time), the quarterfinals of the 2021 LoL World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the LOL World Cup) have all ended. T1, EDG, Damwon Kia, and Gen.G beat Hanwha Life e-Sports-RNG-Mad Lions-C9, respectively, completing the semifinals.

Damwon Kia and T1 will face off in the first match of the semifinals on the 30th. Both teams are in their best condition and peak performance in the LOL World Cup, which is considered to be fiercer than the final. Attention is focusing on whether 2020 LOL World Cup champion Damwon Kia will reach the final stage for the second consecutive year or whether the most winning team T1 of the LOL World Cup will reach the final stage for the first time in four years.

Gen.G and EDG’s two semifinals will be held on the 31st. In the case of EDG, it was expected to show the fierceness of LPL No. 1 seed, but its performance remains questionable due to two losses on the group stage and a poor full-set match against RNG in the quarterfinals. Gen.G led “BDD” Kwak Bo-sung’s all-time carry to the semifinals. However, he is likely to struggle against EDG because he is too dependent on “BDD”‘s play and still has a chronic quality of faltering in operation after the middle of the game 파워볼게임

Meanwhile, if Gen.G wins EDG, the LCK teams will face off in the final regardless of the results of the first game. The LCK civil war in the LoL World Cup final was the last one in the 2017 LoL World Cup, and Samsung Galaxy (currently Gen.G) beat SKT T1 (currently T1) 3-0 at the time to win the title.

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