Show Me the Money Home Run King finally made another $300 million contract.


The New York Yankees are full of star players, but among them, fans’ attachment to Aaron Judge (29) is special. This is because he has great potential to grow into a franchise star of the team.

Jersey, who shook off the Major League Baseball (MLB) club’s nomination after graduating from high school and went to college, was nominated by the Yankees in the first round of 2013 (32nd overall). The club also cherished him as a promising player who had been expected since he joined the team. He made his MLB debut in 2016, and in 2017, the following year, he rose to the league’s home run king (52 home runs), creating a jersey syndrome. I could see fans sitting in the right stands of Yankee Stadium wearing a judge’s uniform derived from his name.

Jersey continues to play as the team’s main batter. So far this year, he has hit 158 home runs in 572 games in MLB’s six years, with his career adjustment OPS (OPS+) reaching 150. This means that OPS is 50% better than the league average during this period. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 2017, and expectations remain that he will someday challenge the MVP.

Jersey, who recorded 39 home runs in 148 games this year, is now close to acquiring FA qualifications. He received $8.5 million last year, the first year of annual salary adjustment, and $10.175 million this year, the second year. Next year is the last salary adjustment, and at the end of next season, he will qualify for the FA. It’s time for the jersey and Yankees to slowly think of FA.

Jersey made it clear that he wanted to stay with the Yankees. Jersey, who ended the season after losing the wild card game against Boston, said in an interview with the Major League Baseball’s official website (, “I want to stay with the Yankees.” “I want to wear pinstripe for the rest of my career,” he said. It seems to have passed the ball to the Yankees. It was a remark that could have come out someday, but the FA market ignited as Jersey directly talked.

There is little possibility that the Yankees will put the jersey on the trade market. Unlike the modifier MLB’s most prestigious, the Yankees’ last World Series victory was in 2009. If so, one option is to sign an extension contract before entering the FA market. This is because once you go to the FA market, it is difficult to guarantee the success of the remaining negotiations. In the end, Jersey deserves to be interpreted as an indication of “give me a long-term contract.”

If an extension contract is signed, the total amount will certainly be more than $200 million. Analysts say it may exceed $300 million depending on the contract period. Jersey turns 30 next year and is a fielder, not a pitcher who is reluctant to sign a long-term contract. It is also one of the symbols of the team.

If it is a long-term contract for more than eight years, the recent market price raises the possibility that the jersey will exceed $300 million. Jersey’s OPS+ was 149 this year. The ransom of Gerrit Cole (9-year total of $324 million) recruited from the outside will be a clear criterion from the perspective of jersey.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Yankees, who are already spending a lot of money on Giancarlo Stanton and Gerrit Cole, will be free from the pressure of luxury taxes. The $300 million trio is burdensome no matter how much the Yankees are. Yankees calculator will be busy.

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