How did SF become a strong team after 8 years of dictatorship?


The San Francisco Giants will face the LA Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

San Francisco, which topped the Major League with 107 wins and 55 losses this season, succeeded in stopping the Dodgers (106 wins and 56 losses) from winning the district title for the ninth consecutive year. The two teams, whose results were unknown until the final match of the season, will now face off in the division series. This is the first time that the two rivals will meet in the postseason.

Starting in 2013, the Dodgers, which have won the National League West for the eighth consecutive year, were also considered a strong candidate for the district title this season. On the other hand, San Francisco, which has fallen into the dark ages since winning three World Series titles in the early 2010s (2010, 2012, 2014), has not received good reviews this year.

However, there was a great twist. San Francisco began to hit from the beginning of the season, and until the middle of the season, it competed fiercely with the Dodgers in a three-way race and the Dodgers in the second half. And San Francisco regained the National League West title for the first time in nine years, breaking the record for the most wins in the club’s history.

Surprisingly, San Francisco did not make any significant large recruitments last off-season. This is because he failed to advance to the postseason with 29 wins and 31 losses (60 games shortened season) last season and San Diego did not have to overdo it for the postseason challenge as it aggressively strengthened its power amid the powerful Dodgers.

However, veterans such as Buster Pose, Brandon Crawford, and Brandon Belt, who led the heyday called the “even-numbered dynasty,” all revived and regained their heyday at once. In particular, Crawford recorded a career high at the age of 34 with a batting average of .298 at-bats (144 hits in 483 at-bats) and 24 home runs and OPS.895, and led San Francisco’s run in defense.

On top of that, transferred players such as Evan Longoria, Wilmer Flores and Tommy Rastella, who were recruited as trades in the 2018 season, performed well. And the recruitment of Chris Bryant, who decorated the deadline splendidly, peaked at San Francisco’s sensation.

Players who did not expect much on the mound also made a hit. Players recruited with relatively inexpensive contracts such as Kevin Gaussman (qualifying offer $18.9 million a year), Anthony Desclapany ($6 million a year), and Alex Wood ($3 million a year) all performed well, and Logan Webb, a promising player who developed himself, finally achieved a five-point ERA over the past two seasons.

In the bullpen, Jake McGee, Tyler Rogers, Jose Alvarez, Jack Ritel, Harin Garcia and Dominic Leone all kept the back door solid with an ERA of less than two points.

Thanks to solid pitchers, San Francisco ranked second in the Major League ERA (3.24), third in the starting ERA (3.44), and first in the bullpen ERA (2.99). The batting line also showed an indescribable power by finishing second in the National League (804).

The problem is that he met his old enemy Dodgers in the division series. The Dodgers gave San Francisco the district title, but they are a strong team that ranked first in the National League (830) and first in the Major League with a team ERA (3.01). It is also regrettable that Belt was out of power due to an injury at the end of the season 토토추천

San Francisco and the Dodgers are the two strongest teams in the Major League this season. And one of the two teams will leave the fall baseball stage after the division series. Will San Francisco, which dreams of reviving the dynasty, be able to reach the top of the World Series even in odd years, not even years?

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