There is no doubt about his willingness to invest after recruiting Ryu Hyun-jin to open his Toronto wallet.


There should be no more doubts about Toronto’s willingness to invest.”

The 2021 season of the Toronto Blue Jays is over. Even after 91 wins, he missed a wild card ticket by one game. Although he failed to advance to the postseason, the season itself is considered successful. Canada Sportsnet predicted the upcoming 2021-2022 FA market after looking back on Toronto’s this season on the 5th (Korea Standard Time).

Naturally, Sportsnet’s view of Toronto’s willingness to invest this winter was revealed. American League Cy Young candidate Robbie Ray and 45 home runs and second baseman Marcus Semien will be released as FA. In order for Toronto to maintain its power, it needs another power reinforcement if it catches them or misses them.

Sportsnet said, “Toronto has qualified as an elite offensive team for the next few years with George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bobissett, and Theoska Hernandez taking over.” “We have more than average starting rotations such as Jose Verios, Alec Manoa, Ryu Hyun-jin, and Nate Pearson,” he said.

Sportsnet said, “The biggest question surrounding Toronto at the moment is whether they can bring Rey and Semien back. “When the FA market opens next month, I’m sure I’ll be the most coveted player,” he said. Of course, the two made a ceremonial comment that they were “optional.”

Rey and Semien are certain to see their ransom soar this winter. On top of that, according to Sportsnet, Toronto also considered the possibility of a long-term contract between Blgegeju and Viset. There are significant variables. Nevertheless, Sportsnet said, “Since Ryu Hyun-jin and Springer were recruited two years ago, there should be no more doubts about Toronto’s willingness to invest. “We definitely need to be ready to add power to the existing group,” Ross Atkins said.

Even in the starting lineup, Verios is FA after 2022 and Ryu Hyun-jin after 2023. Sportsnet said, “Two-fifths of the starters are FA contractors, and one or two more batters are needed. There is no doubt that a trade will also take place. “On the opening day of 2022, the roster will look very different,” he said.

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