Lee Bum-soo

Lee Bum-soo, ‘Suspicion of Gapjil’, Eventually leaves Shinhan University…Agency “Submission of resignation letter” [Official]

Actor Lee Bum-soo, who was suspected of discriminating against students and abusing his power, eventually resigned as a professor.

Lee Bum-soo

An official from his agency Big Punch Entertainment told Daily Sports on the 31st, “Lee Bum-soo submitted his resignation letter to the school on the 27th. I gained a lot of strength thanks to the students who cheered and supported me, but I have suffered a lot from a series of controversies. “That’s why I submitted my resignation letter,” he said.

Lee Bumsoo was appointed as the head of Shinhan University’s Department of Performing Arts in 2014 and served as a teacher. Among them, in November last year, it was alleged that Lee Bumsoo used gaslighting and abusive language by dividing half of the students according to the background of the family.

At the time, the agency apologized for not being able to teach due to Lee Bum-soo’s filming schedule, but denied discriminating against students and verbally abusing them.

Among them, news broke on the 20th that Lee Bum-soo was dismissed from his post as an undergraduate. In a related development, Shinhan University said, “It is true that Professor Lee Bum-soo was dismissed from the head of the Department of Performing Arts, but he remains a professor,” adding, “The academic structure has been reorganized this year.” The department of performing arts changed from the department of performing arts to the department of performing As a result, the dean has disappeared,” he explained.

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