Nam Bo-ra

Nam Bo-ra said, “The sixth younger brother is diagnosed with transdermal developmental disorder… Disability grade application plan”

Actor Nam Bo-ra, known as the eldest daughter of 13 siblings, said her sixth brother was diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

Nam Bo-ra

On the 1st, a video titled “Re-debut on YouTube for the first time in Korea” was posted on the YouTube channel “Nam Bo-ra’s Life Theater.” In this video, Nam Bo-ra revealed her daily life as a businessman, such as working at a shopping mall.

Nam Bo-ra also revealed her sixth brother visiting a hospital with her brother, confessing that he had been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. He said, “My younger brother Hwi-ho has a developmental disability, but he didn’t get a disability grade because he was borderline.” “My friends in Borderline said it was really difficult to get a disability rating,” he said. “So I went to various hospitals for two to three months to prove that I had a real disability, and the test result came out yesterday, and I have to go apply for a disability rating.”

Later, Nam Bo-ra visited the hospital with her younger brother and said, “My younger brother is conducting counseling treatment every other week, and I came to take him there.” Nam Bo-ra asked her brother, “How is it after going to the hospital?” and her brother said, “It’s rather good.” It’s gotten a lot better. I can sleep well. “I’m relieved,” he said in a review of the consultation.

Nam Bo-ra also said, “Hwi-ho has definitely improved a lot while going to the hospital, so it’s worth visiting the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Nam Bo-ra, the eldest daughter of 13 siblings, made her appearance in the “Chorus of Angels” section of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” before her debut.

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