Lee Byung-hun's

Lee Byung-hun’s younger brother Lee Ji-an’s arm is not going to be as bold as he can be.

Lee Byung-hun's

Actress Lee Ji-an recently reported on her arm injury.

On the morning of the 19th, Lee Ji-an said on his Instagram, “There is no time for bones to grow in winter… My poor arm… I think it’s the heaven’s will to take a break, but…No more. Please let me go safely from next winter.~~~ If you come to a pretty place even if you’re sick, try to look cool!”LOL,” he said.

“#Pretending to be pretty #Pretending to be pretty #Pretending to be careful #Don’t help #Let’s not fall #Time to rest #The meaning of the sky #No more #Toilet #Toilet #Toilet #Luxury Toile  #Painful 

Lee Ji-an also posted two photos. In the photo released, Lee Ji-an is wearing a cast to see if she hurt her arm. Nevertheless, Lee Ji-an’s superior visual, which is suitable for a colorful background, draws attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-an appeared on MBN’s entertainment show “Can We Love Again 2,” which recently ended.

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