Park Yeon-soo's

Park Yeon-soo’s daughter, Song Ji-ah, one shot, and a thrilling hole-in-one JYP love-call golf skills.

Park Yeon-soo's

Actress Park Yeon-soo was proud of her daughter’s golf skills.

Park Yeon-soo posted on Instagram on the 15th, “The thrill of the hole-in-one.” “I went on par 3 last summer and did it twice,” he posted.

The video showed Song Ji-ah, Park Yeon-soo’s daughter, who came to check after making a hole-in-one during practice.

Song Ji-ah smiled proudly after checking the ball, saying, “Did you really go in?”

Song Ji-ah, a 15-year-old who dreams of becoming a professional golfer, was impressed by her high-quality posture and skills.

Song Ji-ah said she had been offered an exclusive contract from JYP Entertainment in the past, showing off her girl group-like figure.

Meanwhile, Park Yeon-soo has two siblings, Seul-ha Song-ji and Ji-wook. Song Ji-ah is loved for her dream of becoming a golfer and Song Ji-wook for her dream of becoming a soccer player.

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