Lee Guk-joo

Lee Guk-joo looks so slim that she looks sexy in a see-through skirt

Lee Guk-joo

Comedian Lee Kuk-joo has changed her image.

In the early morning of the 14th, Lee Kuk-joo posted two photos on her Instagram with a black heart emoticon and a hashtag called “#BLACK #KOOKJU.”

Lee Kuk-joo in the picture shows off her body shape with full makeup and see-through skirts, showing off her sophisticated charm with a completely different image. He said he has been on a diet since last year. Judging from his unrecognizable slimming, he seems to have succeeded in losing weight.

Netizens are responding to Lee Guk-joo’s photos, saying, “I didn’t recognize you,” “You look really good on you,” “I love your charm,” “I’m curious about your clothes,” and “Wow.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kuk-joo debuted as an MBC comedian in 2006 and is currently playing on tvN’s “Comedy Big League.”

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