Song Ji-hyo

Thanks to Running Man, Song Ji-hyo of Witch Restaurant revealed Season 2 Nam Ji-hyun’s sub-volume.

Song Ji-hyo

Actress Song Ji-hyo, “Come to the Witch Restaurant,” expressed her feelings that she is working in various fields from acting to entertainment.

Song Ji-hyo appeared as the witch Hee-ra in the original TVing “Come to the Witch’s Restaurant” and transformed into a colorful image.

“Witch’s Restaurant” is a soul-charging cruel fantasy created by witch Hee-ra (Song Ji-hyo), partners Jin (Nam Ji-hyun), and part-timer Gil-yong (Chae Jong-hyeop) with customers full of stories.

Song Ji-hyo, who plays Cho Hee-ra, the president of the Witch Restaurant and a witch character who accepts wishes and receives rewards from humans, drew attention with her charismatic acting and colorful styling.

Song Ji-hyo conducted an interview online on the 17th to deliver her thoughts on ending the show and behind-the-scenes stories about her performance.

Song Ji-hyo said she wanted to run a “witch’s restaurant” blindly. He also confirmed his appearance before the director was confirmed. Song Ji-hyo said, “I’m not good at multi-tasking, so I can’t read other works if I do one.” “The Witch’s Restaurant” said, “I think I can try the fantasy and characteristic part from the title.”

“I couldn’t read ‘The Witch’s Restaurant’ in detail while I was working on my previous work, but I wanted it to be random at that time. It was a genre that I had never tried before and I thought I could make it light without being heavy. After finishing the work and reading it, I thought it would be so fun. “I think I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to do well and get along well,” he said, expressing his affection.

When asked about her satisfaction with acting as a witch, Song Ji-hyo said, “But there was definitely a temperature difference between what I thought and expressed when I read it in writing. I thought, “It’s not easy to be a witch.” “I was used to it and thought it would be nice to have a point, so I think I struggled a lot in the beginning.”

Song Ji-hyo also said, “Hee-ra is not realistic, but she has lived in the real world,” adding, “I’m not sure, but the director’s words helped me a lot. I’m very satisfied now. “I don’t think I can be 100 percent satisfied, but I’m very satisfied right now.”

Song Ji-hyo is gaining huge popularity overseas through the SBS entertainment program “Running Man.” The “Witch’s Restaurant” also received keen attention from overseas fans. When I asked Song Ji-hyo, who has been with me since the beginning of “Running Man,” if she had lost or gained anything from entertainment shows, she said, “I don’t think she has lost anything at all.” I think I’ve gained a lot more,” he said.

“It seems to me that I can do entertainment has played a bigger role. Before I did entertainment, my image itself was dark. However, the friendly image that was created after the entertainment program seems to have shortened the time it was seen as a work. “I think I’ve been given a lot of opportunities, and I think I’ve gained a lot more.”

“There was no pressure on the transformation of the image gained from the entertainment show. I think I was able to show other genres and characters faster thanks to entertainment shows,” he said.

As for the funny episode, Chae Jong-hyeop mentioned episode. Song Ji-hyo said, “This is my idea, but Gil-yong comes to the witch restaurant and makes a wish. At that time, the food that the witch makes is tomato soup. Personally, I was so heartbroken because it was not a course for my friend who was working out, but it was so heartbreaking that he gave me a bowl of tomato soup. To a growing child…” drew laughter.

Song Ji-hyo said, “I think a lot about giving a bowl of tomato soup and saying that my wish will come true. I’ve talked about it a few times on the spot, but if I can refill it next time, I’ll do it.”

How was the chemistry between Nam Ji-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop in the drama? Song Ji-hyo said, “I don’t know what you two were like, but it was such a good time for me. Because the young energy of these friends was so good. “I really liked your positive and energetic self, saying ‘hahaha, yes, yes, yes’ no matter who comes.”

As for Nam Ji-hyun, “I think Ji-hyun is really similar to Jin. It was good to see him with a very positive mind and bravely going through any situation. He’s such a good actor. “I liked his straight personality,” he said with a smile.

“Jong-hyeop is always smiling when he sees it. There are times when he has a hard time, and there are many things, but I always liked his smile to the point where he said, “Is he never having a hard time?” You might have thought I was an older sister, but I really liked it. I envy the energy of these children,” he said.

A twist in “The Witch’s Restaurant” was that Jin was the daughter of Hee-ra. “I knew it since I read the novel,” Song Ji-hyo said. Since this was the biggest twist in the drama, I tried not to shine the nuance of being a mother because I wanted to give a bigger twist. But from some point on, that part had to be seen gradually. “It can’t be opened too quickly, it can’t be late, it can’t be seen too much, and it can’t be seen too much.” “I think I talked a lot with the director about what to do to make it a bigger twist,” he added.

Who was the mood maker on the set? Song Ji-hyo said, “It’s Ha Do-kwon. “Whenever you come, the scene becomes a sea of laughter.”

He said, “When I was shooting with my senior, the script wasn’t very expressive of ‘Eating deliciously at the table’. But thanks to you, I was happy to see that you were enjoying this food. “Of course, it was Ha Do-kwon.”

When asked if it is okay to look forward to season 2 of “The Witch’s Restaurant,” he often jokingly said, “We should go to season 2.” In fact, Hee-ra led Jini to a witch restaurant, so could you let me in? “I’d appreciate it if you let me in,” he said. “I’m not sure about season 2 yet.”

What will happen to Song Ji-hyo, who has been in her 40s for 20 years since her debut? Song Ji-hyo said, “It’s been 20 years, so I have to change.” (Laugh) I think what changed from my personality to my personality is that I value my work and people around me value my work, and my perspective has widened. “In the past, my feelings were ahead of that, but I think that has changed a lot. 여성전용마사지

Song Ji-hyo said, “I don’t know how long I’m going to do this, but I’m also sad that I couldn’t keep what I have for a long time. So I’m trying hard to feel, study and express more. “I will try to show you my best in the future,” he said, wrapping up the interview.

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