Lee Ji-hoon’s wedding photoshoot for a luxurious boat that only takes pictures of Ayane


Ayane showed off her beautiful wedding dress.

On the 16th, Lee Ji-hoon’s wife, Ayane, said on her Instagram, “There was a lake in the Japanese ceremony, so I took #wedding photos on a boat. I wonder how the picture will turn out. I also took my clothes from Korea, and I like them very much. I posted a video of how I’ve been doing with the message, “Do you see all the pictures right away? #My own photographer.”

In the released video, Ayane is walking around the lake in a wedding dress. Also, Ayane smiling while holding a bouquet on the boat is beautiful. In addition, Lee Ji-hoon’s affection is expressed because he filmed it.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hoon had a wedding ceremony in Korea with his Japanese wife, Ayane, who is 14 years younger than him, in November last year, and recently held his second wedding in Japan.

Lee Ji-hoon also performed in the musicals “Excalibur” and “Gwangju” this year

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