What’s the point of playing with Yoon Eun-hye’s card? The boring editing became poison


When you are not confident in success, copying the proven format is one way. However, it is not a good idea to copy and watch entertainment shows where sense and editing are important.

It is a clear rehash, but the moment I try to make a difference, the development slows down and becomes boring. What do you do when you play on MBC’s “Music Bank”?It’s the WSG Wannabe project.

What do you do when you play?”s WSG Wanna Be project has been going on for 11 weeks. We are just selecting 12 members and selecting songs, so at least four more weeks on the WSG Wanna Be side, given the editing speed of editing so far. If it’s the 15th to 16th episodes, it’s like a mini-series drama.

A project in entertainment has never been this long. The average number of musical entertainment shows that select singers and produce music was 12 times, and survival shows such as the “Produce” series and “Show Me The Money” were also 10 to 11 times. Even this was criticized for being boring.

What’s the point of having fun?Even Kim Tae-ho, the former producer of ‘,’ finished in the 12th to 13th episodes when he created the trot project Yoo San-seul, the first project group SSAK3, and the girl group refund expedition.

What do you do when you play?This is the fifth music special after Yoo San-seul and SSAK3, and Jeon Won-dae and MSG Wanna Be. It was a “hit” until the special episode of the refund expedition. Lee Hyo-ri, a topical guarantee check, appeared, and the cast, who are good at entertainment and singing, somehow attracted the attention. Producer Kim Tae-ho and other production crew members also played a part in the editing.

From the MSG Wanna Be project, which selects male vocal groups, I got tired of music specials. It was good to have SG Wannabe come out and go on a memory trip. However, the editing of selecting members and selecting songs through blind auditions was long. A large number of viewers were “out of the fan,” but they took a breather as the song became a hit.

WSG Wannabe is no different from MSG Wannabe. Conduct blind auditions and select members. Only the setting that there is an agency and the production team have changed, but the format is the same. The purpose of making vocal-oriented listening music is the same.

However, many say that the WSG Wanna Be project is more boring than interesting. Compared to the latest episode and the last one, it’s in place. For several weeks, I selected members while conducting blind auditions. The process of selecting the final members is 10 weeks.

The criticism of “boring” is, “What do you do when you play?”It’s been a long time homework for ‘. If producer Kim Tae-ho went out and a new production team came in, the format had to be changed. Hyun, what do you do when you play?The problem with ‘is that we eat and eat successful items. Since there are no new items, it is no coincidence that the production team’s intention to pull the WSG Wanna Be project as much as possible is felt.

The ratings that have already fallen support this. If you boil beef bone for a long time, it is rather bad for you. As if you have to boil it at a certain time to catch both taste and nutrition, “What are you doing when you play?”It’s time to know “appropriateness.”

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