Yoo Heeyeol

Yoo Heeyeol plagiarized again This time it’s the same as Sung Si Kyung’s song

Yoo Heeyeol

Composer Yoo Hee-yeol was once again embroiled in allegations of plagiarism.

Recently, it has been argued that Sung Si-kyung’s songs and Tamaki Koji’s songs, a member of the Japanese rock band Safety Zone, are similar, centering on the online community.

It is pointed out that “Happy Birthday to You” released by Koji Tamaki in 1998 and the song of the same name released by Sung Si-kyung in 2002 are similar in the chorus part of the introduction. Sung Si-kyung’s “Happy Birthday to You” is a song written, composed, and arranged by Yoo Hee-yeol.

Earlier on the 14th, Yoo Hee-yeol admitted to plagiarism on his agency Antenna’s official SNS, saying, “As a result of reviewing reports that the second track of the Yoo Hee-yeol Life Music project, “Very Private Night” and Sakamoto Ryuichi’s “Aqua,” the main theme of the song is similar enough.” “We will contact Ryuichi Sakamoto to resolve the copyright issue,” he said.

Since then, allegations of plagiarism of another song by Yoo Hee-yeol have been raised, and the controversy has grown to a full extent. Music trainer YouTuber Value recently claimed on a YouTube channel that “The suspicion of Yoo Hee-yeol’s plagiarism is a bigger problem in 2013,” and that “Please Don’t Go My Girl” and “Body Bumpin” of the group’s public announcement are similar.

Yoo Hee-yeol has not made any particular position regarding the alleged plagiarism

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