Lee Kuk joo

Lee Kuk-joo’s ex-husband Sleepy came to my house and misunderstood living together

Lee Kuk joo

Comedian Lee Kuk-joo revealed her misunderstanding with Sleepy, who recently announced her marriage.

MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which aired on the 1st, featured four unexpected charms of Park Sun-young, Lee Kuk-joo, Gyeong-ri and Ok Ja-yeon as guests to mark the special episode of “Exterior and Inner Chok.”

Referring to the fact that Lee Kuk-joo appeared as a hypothetical couple in “We Got Married” with Sleepy in the past, people seem to have been interested again with the news of her wedding. I saw a comment that said, “What should I do with Lee Guk-ju?” “Introduce one person and go.”

He said, “Sleepy made a mistake because
he felt uncomfortable 여성전용마사지 

Lee Kuk-joo said, “I don’t have any money, but I want to buy some water because Sleepy came to a housewarming party recently.” “I rang the doorbell and people downstairs were watching,” he said. “If I had brought something better, I wouldn’t have misunderstood. It’s bottled water.” I could see it as if a male friend was coming in and out. That’s why I heard “I feel sorry for you after coming in and out of the house,” he said. “It’s funny and sad.”

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