The driving force behind TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s continued efforts


TOMORROW X TOGETHER released a pictorial and honest interview.

PAPER, a leading U.S. fashion and culture magazine, unveiled individual and group pictorials of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Subin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai) for about a week from the 24th (local time) to the 29th of last month. The five members completed a pictorial with their own unique charm by matching their unique outfits with various accessories such as necklaces and braces in a cozy room.

In an interview released with a pictorial, PAPER highlighted TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s music. “They’re going through a growing storm through music,” PAPER said, explaining the story of music from TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s debut album to the latest. “They express their feelings through a big, beautiful, and dark reality at the same time.” The magazine said, “Their sounds are bold and emotional, expressing the maximum extent of the turbulence they experience. “TOMORROW X TOGETHER allows us to feel every emotion, whether it’s loss or completeness, and accept the impact.”

An honest interview was also held on the values and attitudes of the five members. “The fans may have noticed the change when the leader Subin was working as ‘FREEZE,'” PAPER said. “It seems that Subin, who has realized a lot on her own, has become more confident and can enjoy her thoughts more without hesitation PAPER said. PAPER also noted that Tae-hyun is challenging various fields, saying, “If Tae-hyun desperately wants something, he will find a way to make it happen somehow with boldness and determination. His talent is the result of great effort and performance.”

PAPER explained that Yeonjun is strict with himself and always tries to be the best, saying, “This level of sincerity has brought Yeonjun a new modifier, ‘Fourth Generation It Boy’.” In an interview, the Fed said, “TOMORROW X TOGETHER is the driving force behind growing and continuing to work hard to be the best,” when asked whether “TOMORROW X TOGETHER will become a representative group of K-pop and feel pressured as its influence grows.”

As all the members participated in the second full-length album “FREEZE,” there was also talk about music. Beomgyu said, “I try to remember the fragments of life that I want to hold onto, the emotions. I think music is the best way to express myself, so I try to make beautiful things out of these memories,” said Huening Kai, “I don’t know if it sounds simple, but I want to see more people smile.” That’s why I want to make music that gives people strength and happiness.”

Meanwhile, TOMORROW X TOGETHER made a comeback with their second full-length repackage album “FIGHT OR ESCAPE” on the 17th of last month and received support from fans around the world by expressing how Generation Z feels in real life in their own style. Thanks to the release of the new album, the second full-length album “Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE” has continued to be a global sensation, ranking eighth on Billboard’s main album chart “Billboard 200.”

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