The surprise plastic surgery confession on the yukkea leaves is real Chest prosthesis or face Botox curious ↑


The yukkea leaf reported on the recent surprise plastic surgery.

On the 5th, Yu-keul Leaf said on his Instagram story account, “Dudung…You’re embarrassed, aren’t you? I’m telling you. Hehe” and a photo with the phrase “review of plastic surgery” were posted.

In the photo released, the yukkea leaf caught the eye by revealing a slightly smoother jawline.

“There are so many people asking where the hospital is, but I can’t tell you personally. I’m very satisfied with it, so I want to tell people who want it, but I can’t,” Yu-keul Leaf said. “This is a secret.”

“Oh, but the prosthesis I operated on is Motiva,” Yu-keul-leaf said, revealing the information as a surprise.

Fans were curious about whether you got a breast plastic surgery or a face, saying, “You look a little different in the picture. Did you get Botox?” “I searched Motiva and found it was a breast plastic surgery.”

Earlier on the 25th, Yu’s ex-husband Choi Ki posted a video titled “I told my ex-wife I love her” on a YouTube channel. The video showed some of the live broadcasts recently conducted with Choi Sang-gi’s yukkae leaves 부산출장마사지

When fans were curious about the relationship between the two, they couldn’t believe they were divorced, Choi responded leisurely, affirming that they were “good friends.” He even shouted “I love you, perilla leaf” at the request of the live viewers. Furthermore, Choi added, “Korean society should change like this.”

Meanwhile, Choi and Yu-keul married in 2016 and gave birth to a daughter, Pine Leaf, but divorced in April last year. After the divorce, the two appeared in “The Divorce” and discussed the reunion, but eventually failed and went their separate ways, promising to do their best for Miss Pine Leaf as parents.

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