Lee Soogeun

Lee Soogeun and Park Jiyeon’s mom’s rice cake skewers They like it

Lee Soogeun

Park Ji-yeon, wife of broadcaster Lee Soo-geun and businessman, boasted extraordinary cooking skills.

Park Ji-yeon posted a photo on her Instagram on the 24th with the message “Oil Tteokbokki in the style of rice cake skewers.”

In the released photo, the rice cake skewer with a bright red sauce that stimulates salivary glands is beautifully plated. Park Ji-yeon’s cooking sense, which was newly created as a rice cake skewer using the rice cake of her own oil tteokbokki, shows.

Park Ji-yeon drew attention by showing her mother’s satisfaction, saying, “The children ate well,” to Internet users who said, “I should try it like this.” He also boasted to Internet users that “I can’t stand rice cake skewers,” saying, “It’s a delicacy even if you eat it like this.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji-yeon married Lee Soo-geun, who is 12 years older, and has two sons

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