Ahn Somi is going to an amusement park This outfit is real. Finally, her wish came true

Comedian Ahn Somi has made unforgettable memories.

Ahn So-mi posted a photo on her Instagram on the 24th and said, “I sang a dress and a dress song every time I came to the amusement park, but my wish finally came true. By the way, you guys just need to wear it. “Why do you keep telling me to wear it?” “It’s the way of an attention seeker.”

In the released photo, a mother and a daughter in a white princess-style dress kiss. “Princesses, princes, I highly recommend you,” he said. “I made unforgettable memories before the children grew older.”

Ahn Somi also drew attention by releasing a video of her walking around the amusement park in a dress. He said, “A part-time job at an amusement park? I didn’t go there to do this, but I took a lot of pictures,” he said. “It didn’t feel like he recognized me. It was fun for no reason. Should I change my job at this time?” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahn Somi married a non-celebrity man in 2018 and has one son and one daughter

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