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Jin, a member of the group BTS (BTS), revealed his surprising friendship with actor Lee Sang-yeop.

Actor Lee Sang-yeop posted a photo on his personal SNS on May 24.

The photo showed Lee Sang-yeop smiling brightly while drawing a V-shape with Jin. The two showed off their couple look with white hats and white golf wear T-shirts. In particular, sports brand N’s sneakers reached the peak of their couple look.

Fans are paying attention to the friendly golf round between the two, who look just like each other with warm looks and bright expressions.

Lee Sang-yeop once said, “BTS is the best. Thank you, Seokjin,” he said, revealing a proof shot of BTS’s concert in Seoul. The friendship between the two still gives a touching impression.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-yeop will appear in tvN’s drama “Eve,” which is set to premiere on June 1. “Eve” is a revenge play with 13 years of design and the most intense and deadly passion of a woman who bet her life, starring Seo Ye-ji, Park Byung-eun, and Yoo Seon.

BTS, which includes Jin, is set to release its anthology album Proof on June 10. The album will include Jin’s own songs, “Moon” and “Epiphany – Jin Demover.”

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