Lee Jungjae

Lee Jungjae and Lim Se-ryeong are proud of their good stories in France

Lee Jungjae

The stylist was in actor Lee Jung-jae’s arms.

On the 25th, a stylist posted a picture on his Instagram, saying, “With my senior whom I respect the most.”

In the photo, Lee Jung-jae is taking a picture hugging his stylist. Lee Jung-jae’s reliable stylist revealed Lee Jung-jae’s beautiful story.

The stylist said, “I didn’t have time to shop because of my busy schedule and the store closed at 7 p.m., but after hearing that, I went around diligently and captured a lot of pretty things thanks to my meticulous senior’s consideration.” I came to Cannes and got a happy inspiration.”

Meanwhile, Lee is currently attending the Cannes Film Festival

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